How Do Compression Socks Work

Published: 04th April 2011
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There are many different types of accessories that are available to athletes that claim to help build muscle and increase performance, but have you ever thought about socks being able to do this? It may sound a bit absurd, but there are specialized socks that athletes can use in order to give them more energy in their legs and feet. The accessories we are talking about are called compression socks, and they have become wildly popular as of late.

Compression socks get their name due to what they claim to do. Compression socks compress the foot and leg area which allows for better blood flow and circulation in the body. These compression types of accessories are nothing new as many basketball players in the NBA utilize this same technology with compression arm sleeves. The idea is the same in that the compression socks allow for minimal swelling and allow blood to flow easily, which increases stamina and performance. So how exactly do compression socks allow the area of the leg and foot to be compressed?

Compression socks are made from an elastic fabric which stays tight when worn. The socks are tight around the feet, ankles, and go all the way up to the knee. The sock contacts and tightens around the entire area which gives the compression benefit and feeling to the user. The compression socks also come in a size in which they only go up to the mid calf, instead of up to the knee. This type of compression socks is great for people that have sore feet and who have ankle swelling due to being on their feet.

While athletes definitely use compression socks to help them with running, cycling, and any other sport that requires them to use their legs and feet, there is another demographic which has found compressions socks to be very helpful. The demographic we are speaking of is the working class. People who work long hours on their feet have found that compression socks help them to last longer during the day and to keep their legs and feet from getting tired and sore. Many people who use compression socks for work are huge proponents for the benefits that the socks give to them as they feel that they have much more energy to get through the day and to get the job done that they need to do.

Compression socks also come in all kinds of colors so that people in the working world can get compression socks that match their uniforms or work attire. Athletes also enjoy the color selection of compression socks as they can easily match their uniforms and gear with the compression socks that they purchase. These compression socks have definitely become very popular as more and more people are using them in order to get the results that they are looking for, which is greater performance from their feet and legs. No matter what reason that you decide to use compression socks, the fact remains that the benefits that they give to those that wear them is real and can definitely help you to get to the next level.

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